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It seems like everyone has their own understanding of the term "safety." No one is the same, and everyone's opinion is valid. So, how is "safety" defined at PPC?

Equipment - Imported machinery, regularly maintained every three months.

Knowledge - Constant updates on exercise and nutrition knowledge, weekly through regular training sessions.

Experience and Expertise - There are no "newbies" at PPC. All trainers have at least 3 years of experience and have coached hundreds of clients.

People - A training culture of respect and mutual support.

At PPC, safety goes beyond just the commitment to physical factors. It also encompasses comprehensive care and partnership with each client, ensuring effective and confident workouts without any worries or risks.


46 Huỳnh Khương Ninh, Dakao, District 1.


R4-63, Internal Area of Hung Gia 1, Tan Phong, District 7.

Huy Nghiêm, Finhay Founder

"After just two initial workout sessions, I could feel the dedication of the team. Though the gym space is small, the team manages it very well, allowing only a maximum of 4 people per hour. This arrangement made me feel the genuine care and enthusiastic guidance. Moreover, there's a young PT who's truly committed, guiding me on balanced eating as I'm aiming for weight loss. In general, I highly recommend everyone to try out this gym. The experience has been great!"

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